Our Commitment of Quality

Nutrifactor continues to meet international standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Our remarkable devotion to the science behind natural products and our exemplary manufacturing practices are the true gauges of Nutrifactor’s superior product quality.

20 Essentials Quality Control Procedures Used by Nutrifactor to Guarantee Potency

1 - Purchasing only the highest quality raw materials from approved global suppliers.
2 - Storing the raw materials in temperature / humidity-controlled warehouses that are monitored daily by our quality assurance team.
3 - Assaying and evaluating raw material at the time of receipt, using established protocols and available testing methods with state-of-the-art testing equipment setting the bar for the supplement industry standard.
4 - Controlling purchases so that the freshest raw material is used.
5 - Rotating inventories to ensure first-in, first-out (FIFO) procedures.
6 - Putting 100% or more of label claim in every product formulation.
7 - Using natural colors when necessary, which may aid in preventing light from destroying light-sensitive nutrients.
8 - Using natural and vegetarian fillers, binders and excipients.
9 - Granulating certain nutrients to ensure a uniform mixture of ingredients.
10 - Manufacturing in dehumidified rooms to prevent damaging moisture from affecting nutrients.
11 - Utilizing the latest direct compression techniques, which avoid the use of damaging heat, moisture, and alcohol.
12 - Coating tablets uniformly immediately after manufacture, to prevent moisture and oxidation from affecting the finished product.
13 - Performing disintegration tests to assure that tablets and capsules will break down and can be utilized in the digestive system.
14 - Assaying selected ingredients and verifying input immediately after manufacture, to assure 100% of label claim.
15 - Packaging of the bulk product immediately after manufacture.
16 - Keeping inventory on a sophisticated & well managed system and anticipating usage, enabling the company to control production and offer fresh, currently manufactured products.
17 - Bottling tablets and capsules under sanitary conditions, away from damaging light, heat, and moisture.
18 - Packaging products in containers that reduce the effect of light, heat, and moisture.
19 - Packaging in containers made of substances that will not affect or reduce the potency of the products.
20 - Assaying selective ingredients in products periodically, to assure maximum potency.

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